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Registering at Swim Stars.


You’ll need to complete some forms. These forms keep you safe and us compliant. It helps ensure we provide a consistently great service and that every swimmer has a magical experience and memorable journey.

Swim Stars Welcome Pack.

Welcome Pack

The introduction and welcome to swim stars pack will be sent once registration is complete. Open it up for information on pool rules, handy hints and tips on swimming techniques and a cool progression chart.

First Lesson at Swim Stars.

First Lesson

This is the time to encourage and build trust and confidence. Our teaching team have patience and understanding by the watering can full and are committed to making the journey a fun and rewarding one.

Swim Stars Badges and Certificates

Badges and Certificates

Progression in the four strokes of swimming is assessed on a rolling cycle via the Starfish, Stanley, Octopus, Goldfish, Angelfish and Shark badge series. Once completed additional certificated programmes like diving and snorkelling are available.

Moving on up Swim Stars.

Moving on Up

Swimmers move up as skills and techniques develop. We record achievements and our swim manager holds individual weekly meetings with teachers so we don’t miss anyone’s progress.

Swim Stars Lifeguarding Academy

Lifeguarding Academy

Once a swimmer passes STA level 3 shark we offer the opportunity to join our lifeguarding academy programme and develop lifesaving, medical and alternative water-based skills, including water polo and synchronised swimming.

Join the Swim Stars team

Join the team

If you follow the journey to the end you could, like others have already, join our teaching team. It’s wonderful and inspiring to see the company ethos and values swim strong with the next generation of mermaids and pirates.

General information, rules, policies.

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